Device Management

Atmosphere’s Devices page is where you can access all of the registered devices within your account.

Selecting a device from within the Device List table brings you to that device’s dashboard.

Device Dashboard

Each registered device has its own dedicated dashboard page, which displays its information.

From here, you can cater its dashboard to display device-centric data, and this is also where you access the device’s interface to interact with it.

Interface and Interaction

The interface created in Studio’s Application View is available on a device’s dashboard to interact with it. As long as the device is powered on and connected to Atmosphere, it can be interacted with.

To display the interface, click theInterface Builderbutton at the top of the screen.

If the interface is unable to be displayed, it's because your screen size or browser window is too small to show it. Maximizing your browser window or opening the interface on a larger screen will display it.

Device Settings and Cloud Storage

Clicking on theDevice Settingsbutton brings you to the device’s settings screen.

This screen displays the device’s information, which includes:

  • The name of the Atmosphere project the device is running
  • The device’s local IP address
  • The SSID of the network the device is connected to

This screen also displays the device’s cloud storage usage, which is the collection of data sent to Atmosphere from the device.

Each device receives a storage limit based on your account’s plan: |Plan|Device Limit|Cloud Storage| |:—–|:—–|:—–| |Developer|5|10 MB/device| |Professional|25|40 MB/device| |Business|Unlimited|Unlimited| |Enterprise|Unlimited|Unlimited|

You’ll receive a system notification when a device reaches 90% of its storage limit and again when it reaches 100%. If a device reaches its storage limit, it continues storing new data while deleting the oldest data stored in first in, first out order. You can delete a device’s stored data and reset its storage by clicking theTrash Canbutton beside the storage meter.

You can also download a CSV spreadsheet of all data stored for that device by clickingDownloadbutton.

Configuring Device Dashboards

Similar to Atmosphere’s Dashboard page, device dashboards allow you to display device data through a variety of widgets. Unlike the Dashboard page however, widgets added on a device dashboard may only be configured to display that device’s data.

To add a widget to a device dashboard, click theConfigurationbutton on the side of the page. This displays the menu of available widgets. Selecting a widget then adds it to the device dashboard. Once on the dashboard, click the widget’sConfigurationbutton to display its properties. From there you can configure the widget to your liking.

For information on each of the widgets and how to configure them, visit Configuring the Dashboard.