MikroElektronika Sigfox Click Element

The Sigfox click element is used to send data to the Sigfox network. This element is for using the MikroElektronika Sigfox Click board.

The Sigfox click element is a protocol element that can be imported into the Element Toolbox through the Add Element Add Element button located in the toolbox from the Embedded tab.


The following properties can be changed for the Sigfox click element:


The name of the element.

GPIO Driver Instance

The GPIO driver instance number to use. This should not typically be modified by a user.

SPI Driver Instance

The SPI bus used to communicate with the sensor. This should not typically be modified by a user.

Chip Select Pin

The GPIO pin used to toggle the chip select pin on the board.

Reset Pin

Reset the GPIO pin.


The ACK GPIO pin used during SPI transmissions on the board.

Network Standard

Network standard to use. Choose between ETSI, USA, ARIB, or South America.

Transmit Attenuation

Desired transmit power attenuation, in 0.25dB steps.

Use Public Key

The state of a key if you are sending data to the Sigfox Network Emulator Tool: enabled or disabled.


The following triggers are available to execute events from within the Sigfox click element:


Trigger the element(s) that follow the Sigfox click element.

Device ID Retrieved

The device ID has been successfully read from the device.

Device PAC Retrieved

The device PAC has been successfully read from the device.

Payload Sent

Execute an event when a payload has been sent.

Response Received

Execute an event when downstream data has been received from the Sigfox server. The payload is of type ATMO_DATATYPE_BINARY and is a maximum of 8 bytes per Sigfox specification.

Send/Receive Error

Execute an event when an error sending or receiving Sigfox data occurs.


The following abilities are available for the Sigfox click element when its source element triggers:

Send Payload

Send a payload (maximum 12 bytes) to the Sigfox servers. Any payloads larger than 12 bytes will be ignored.

Send Payload & Request Response

Send a payload to the Sigfox servers and request downstream data from them.

Get Device ID

Get device ID. This will be returned as a hex string.

Get Device PAC

Get device PAC. This will be returned as a hex string.