Wi-Fi Connection Element

The Wi-Fi connection element is used to control the Wi-Fi connection between the embedded device and the cloud. This element is only available within projects that support Wi-Fi.

The Wi-Fi connection element is located in the Element Toolbox within Studio’s Embedded tab.


The following properties can be changed for the Wi-Fi connection element:


The name of the element.


The Wi-Fi driver instance number to use. If unsure, leave this set to the default value.


The following triggers are available to execute events from within the Wi-Fi connection element:


Execute an event when the source element connected to the Wi-Fi connection triggers.


Execute an event when a Wi-Fi connection is established and an IP address is received.


Execute an event when the device is disconnected from its access point.


Execute an event when an SSID is successfully set.

Password Set

Execute an event when a password is successfully set.


The following abilities are available for the Wi-Fi connection element when its source element triggers:


Trigger the element(s) that follow the Wi-Fi connection element.


Set the SSID in the device’s configuration. Once both the SSID and password are received, a Wi-Fi connection will be attempted.

Set Password

Set the password in the device’s configuration. Once both SSID and Password are received, the connection will be attempted.

If the access point is open with no security, provide an empty string.


Disconnect from the Wi-Fi connection if the device is currently connected to an access point.

Attempt Reconnect

Attempt to reconnect to the access point with the currently stored SSID and password. If already connected, the device will disconnect and then reconnect.