Programming MAX32630 Feather

Unlike other end devices supported in Atmosphere, the MAX32630 Feather doesn’t contain a built-in programmer. Instead, you must use a MAXREFDES100HDK or external Daplink to program the device.

Initial MAX32630 Feather Configuration

In order to program a MAX32630 Feather, ensure you have the following initial setup configuration:

  • Connect the fine 10-pin ribbon from the SWD (J3) header on the MAXREFDES100HDK to J4 on the MAX32630 Feather.
  • Connect the MAX32630 Feather to a power source via micro USB.
  • Connect the MAXREFDES100HDK to the computer via its micro USB connector labeled HDK.

The MAXREFDES100HDK will expose itself as a drive labeled DAPLINK. You may need to update the firmware in order to use it to program the MAX32630. See the official mbed docs here. for more information.

In order to program the MAX32630 Feather, drag your .bin file from Atmosphere Studio onto the DAPLINK drive. Once programming is complete, the DAPLINK drive will unmount and then mount again, indicating the programming is complete. Press the reset button on the MAX32630 Feather to start your application.