Programming ST SensorTile

Unlike other end devices supported in Atmosphere, the ST SensorTile doesn’t contain a built-in programmer. Instead, you must use an external ST Nucleo board or another ST-LINK device in order to program the SensorTile.

Initial SensorTile Configuration

In order to program a SensorTile, ensure you have the following initial setup configuration:

  • Connect a 5-pin ST-LINK header to the SWD pins of the SensorTile cradle and the SWD pins on ST-LINK.

If you're using an ST Nucleo board, remove the two jumpers on CN2. This will disconnect the ST-LINK on the Nucleo board from the rest of the Nucleo board, allowing it to connect to the SensorTile cradle.

For further information and pictures detailing programming the SensorTile, visit the official SensorTile User Guide (Page 18).

With the initial setup finished, the remaining setup configuration steps can be completed. The rest of the setup requirements for programming the SensorTile, in addition to the programming process, are the same as with other supported hardware.

For detailed information on programming a device, visit Programming Firmware.