Embedded View

Embedded View is a workspace in Atmosphere Studio for developing an IoT project’s embedded firmware. While in Embedded View, the Element Toolbox displays elements that execute on the project’s end device. Embedded elements operate as a bridge between the embedded firmware and device interacting with it.

Embedded View’s toolbar includes access to the code editor and the programmer.

Embedded Code Editor

The code editor is an advanced text editor for writing and modifying the embedded code of a project. Click theCode Editorbutton to display the embedded code editor beside Embedded View’s canvas. While the code editor is open, any embedded element selected in the canvas has its corresponding code highlighted.

In addition to being dragged and dropped into the canvas, embedded elements may have their source code customized when added to the canvas and when connected to other elements. While most elements do not require their code to be customized and are designed to operate as-is, the option is available to expand their functionality through custom code. The function element for example is a blank slate element, which relies entirely on customizing code to your liking.

The default headers in the code editor include an area to define variables and custom functions, an interval function, a connected function, a disconnected function, and a setup function.

#include "callbacks.h"


void interval() {


void connected() {


void disconnected() {


void setup() {

Function Description
Interval Perform actions on a set interval.
Connected Perform actions when a connection is established to a target device.
Disconnected Perform actions when a connected device is disconnected.
Setup Define anything that requires initialization upon being loaded.

The code editor also includes a toolbar with access to the Atmosphere embedded API list and the console, as well as the drop-down menu to modify the code editor’s theme.

Embedded APIs

The code editor enables you to utilize the Atmosphere embedded APIs to edit embedded code. Click theAPIsbutton to display the APIs and their functions.

The API list is organized by embedded peripheral drivers, and their respective functions are displayed within them. Each driver is compatible with all Atmosphere supported hardware. Select a driver to expand its list of functions, then click a function to dynamically add it to the code editor at line the text cursor is on.

For the complete list of Atmosphere’s embedded APIs and using them, visit Using the Atmo API.

Download Embedded Source

You can download a project’s embedded source code from Embedded View.

To download the embedded source files, click theDownloadbutton from Embedded View’s toolbar.

Embedded Programmer

The programmer is an interface that programs the compiled project’s embedded firmware into the end device. Click the Program Firmwarebutton to display the programming interface.

For some project types (such as the NXP Rapid IoT) this button may instead download firmware files directly.

For complete instructions on setup, using the programmer, and troubleshooting information, visit Programming Firmware.