Studio Projects

When you visit Atmosphere Studio for the first time in a session, you are brought to the Studio Projects screen.

From the Projects screen, you can create a new Atmosphere project, open an existing project, import an Atmosphere project, and export project source files.

If you have no saved Atmosphere projects under your account, only the create and import options are available.

Creating Projects

To create an Atmosphere project, click theNew Projectbutton. This displays a New Project window.

Give the project a name, and select its type. The project types are based on the hardware compatible with Atmosphere.

Development Kits

Development kits and boards are used for prototyping new IoT applications. The list of supported development kits includes:

Development Kit/Board Protocols Supported Guides
Espressif ESP32 Bluetooth Low Energy, Wi-Fi Visit Guide
Intel Curie Bluetooth Low Energy Visit Guide
NXP Rapid IoT Bluetooth Low Energy Visit Guide

With a project type selected, click Create to create the project and enter Atmosphere Studio.

Opening Projects

Projects can be opened from the Recent Projects area or from the Project List table. Only one Atmosphere project can be open at a time.

To open a recent project, click Open on the project’s box. To open a project from the Project List, click on the project’s name in the table.

Exporting Projects

Projects can be exported, which allows you to continue development outside of Atmosphere. To export a project, click theExportbutton on either its box in the Recent Projects area, within the Project List table, or from Studio’s Embedded View.

An exported Atmosphere project includes the following in a package:

  • Project embedded source code
  • Project firmware files
  • Project “Atmo” file, which contains the entire Atmosphere project and can be imported back into Atmosphere. Atmo files use the .atmo extension.

If a custom product project is exported, it will only include the project’s Atmo file.

Importing Projects

Atmosphere projects can be imported into Studio, and importing is a common method to try guide and example projects.

To import an Atmosphere project, click theImport Projectbutton. In the File window, select an Atmo file on your computer and click Open. This opens the Atmosphere project in Studio.