Account Management

Within Atmosphere’s Account area you can access and modify the information regarding your account. This includes changing your profile information, updating your account plan, managing payment information, and more.

To access the Account area, click the profile icon in the navigation bar to display the account menu. From the menu you can select one of the various account sections to navigate to. You may also move to upgrade your account from a Developer plan to a paid plan by selecting Upgrade from the menu.

The platform’s Account area is divided into the following sections:

  • Overview: View your account’s usage statistics and plan information
  • Profile: Update your personal information and profile image
  • Integrations: Create authentication tokens for third-party services
  • Plan: View and update your Atmosphere plan
  • Billing: View your payment information and billing history

Upgrading Your Plan

All users get started with Atmosphere on a free Developer plan. To upgrade your plan, click the profile icon in the navigation bar to display the account menu, then click Upgrade. This brings you to the Account area’s Plan section.

Atmosphere offers three additional plans with a variety of features and additions that you may upgrade to:

Professional Plan
Business Plan
Enterprise Plan
Ideal for more advanced proofs of concept or small pilots to prove project feasibility. Suited for teams deploying and managing IoT trials or small-scale commercial deployments. Large-scale deployments of connected devices with customization options and high-touch support.

To view the complete feature list of each plan and a detailed comparison between them, as well as plan and pricing FAQs, visit the Atmosphere Pricing Packages page on the Atmosphere IoT website.

Once you’ve selected an upgrade plan, click Next. This brings you to the Plan Update Summary screen, which provides details of the plan you’ve selected. Enter your payment information, and when finished click Update. Your account is immediately updated to the selected plan, and you can begin taking advantage of the features and additions you now have access to.

Professional is currently the only plan available to to upgrade to from within the platform. If you're interested in Atmosphere's Business or Enterprise plans, contact us for information and pricing.

API Tokens

Within the Integrations section, you may create API tokens to send and/or retrieve data from Atmosphere and third-party external clients.

To create an API token, click the Generate API Token button. This generates a new authentication token for use. To delete an existing token, click the Trash Canbutton beside the token.

On the free Developer plan, you may have one active API token assigned to your account at a time. A generated token may only be used for one service, so if you wish to connect a different service to Atmosphere, a new API token would be required for use.

To see an example of an API token being used with Atmosphere, check out the Getting Started with Sigfox guide. This guide provides a complete walkthrough of creating a project that uses an API token with the Sigfox Portal to send data back to Atmosphere.