Configuring the Dashboard

The Dashboard allows you to display your device data through a variety of widgets. Widgets are visual components that enable you to display incoming device data in various ways, such as through graphs, tables, and charts. Widgets also offer you the ability to record, monitor, and analyze your data, with options to export into spreadsheets and reports.

In addition to the platform’s Dashboard page that allows you to display data from any device under your account, each registered device has its own dedicated dashboard page as well, which is accessible from the Devices page.

Although data can be sent to Atmosphere from any of your registered devices, it does not store received data by default. Widgets can only be configured to display data that is stored on Atmosphere. In order for a registered device to have its data stored, its project must contain a Cloud Storage Element cloud storage element connected to any datasets you want available to be displayed.

Adding Widgets

To add a widget to the dashboard, click the Configuration button to display its menu. From there you can configure the widget’s settings to your liking.

Once on the dashboard, click the widget’s Menu button to display its properties. You can then configure the widget to your liking.

For the complete list of widgets and how to use them, visit Widget Types.