IoT Central Roles

IoT Central Roles: A named collection of user permissions. All users on the platform must be assigned exactly one role.

All roles are limited to accessing their own organizations and any sub-organizations.

Permissions Table

Role Able to View Add Sub-Orgs Move Sub-Orgs Delete Sub-Orgs Add Users Change User Roles Move Users Delete Users Add Devices Edit Devices Delete Devices
Manager X X X X X X
Technician X X X X X X X
Basic X X X X X X X X X X

Administrator Role

The Administrator role serves as the top level user within an organization and all of its sub-organizations. They can manage all aspects of the organization including the ability to Add Sub-Organizations, Move Sub-Organizations and Delete Sub-Organizations, Add users, Change the Role of users, Move users to other organizations and Delete users.

The Administrator role can also Add Devices, Edit Devices and Delete Devices.

Manager Role

The Manager role serves as the top user management role in an organisation. They can Add Users, Change the Role of Users, Move Users to other sub-organisations and Delete Users.

The Manager role can also View devices, but cannot Add, Edit or Delete them.

Technician Role

The Technician role specializes in Devices. They have the ability to Add Devices, Edit Devices and Delete Devices within their organization and sub-organizations.

The Technician role cannot manage users or organizations. They can view their organization and its users.

Basic User Role

The Basic User role has View Only access to its own and sub-organizations and their devices.