Cloud Register Element

The cloud register element is used to trigger events upon the registration or removal of a device on Atmosphere.

The cloud register element is located in the Element Toolbox within Studio’s Cloud tab.


The following properties can be changed for the cloud register element:


The name of the element.


The following triggers are available to execute events from within the cloud register element:


Execute an event when the source element connected to the cloud register triggers.


Execute an event when a device is registered to Atmosphere.


The following abilities are available for the cloud register element when its source element triggers:


Trigger the element(s) that follow the cloud register element.

Remove Device

Permanently delete the device from Atmosphere.

Element Resources

Atmosphere includes a selection of resources for users of all levels that demonstrate using the cloud register element.


For a step-by-step guide on creating a project that uses the cloud register element, click the guide’s name to learn how to use it within a project.

Name Hardware Description
Creating a Monitoring Solution AVR-IoT WG Complete walkthrough that demonstrates how to set up an Atmosphere project that measures device data and initiates a device status change if the data value reaches a certain condition.

Demo Projects

To view the cloud register element used within a project, click the demo’s name to open the project in Atmosphere and see how the element is set up.

Name Hardware Description
AVR-IoT Light Monitor Demo AVR-IoT WG The cloud register element is used within this demo project alongside a cloud meta element to set a device’s status upon registration to Atmosphere.