Device Event Element

The Device Event element is used to send collected device events to Atmosphere, which can then be sent to a Cloud Storage element so that you can display the data through the platform’s Dashboard or Devices areas. The Device Event element is most commonly used alongside the cloud storage element to store the data sent to Atmosphere from the Device Event.

The Device Event element is located in the Element Toolbox within Studio. If an embedded device has the ability to send Device Events then the element will appear in the embedded element toolbox. When a Device Event element is added to the Embedded, or Application tab of a project, it creates a coupled version in the project’s Cloud tab that bridges the element’s functionality between the Cloud tab and the original tab it came from. For API Projects the Device Event is available in the Cloud tab and allows the user to create a Device Event without requiring the coupled element to be set. Device Events can be sent to Atmosphere IoT via our HTTP, or MQTT API.

  • A Device Event element used between the Application tab and Cloud tab connects to Atmosphere over BLE using the project’s interface (via the Atmosphere app) acting as a gateway between the device and the Atmosphere.
  • A Device Event element used between the Embedded tab and Cloud tab is available in Wi-Fi projects, and bypasses the project’s interface entirely.
  • A Device Event element is used in an API Project to allow creating Device Events that can have data sent via the API.


The following properties can be changed for the Device Event element:


The name of the element.

Cloud Driver Instance (Embedded tab Only)

The HTTP driver instance the device uses to send data to Atmosphere. This is available for Device Events between the Embedded tab and Cloud tab. Multiple instance options may be available in this field if a project contains more than one connectivity source, such as access to two Wi-Fi modules, or access to either a Wi-Fi module or Zigbee module.


The following triggers are available to execute events from within the Device Event element:


Execute an event when the source element connected to the Device Event triggers.

Event Sent (Application tab only)

Execute an event when the Device Event sends data to Atmosphere.

Event Received (Cloud tab only)

Execute an event when the Device Event receives data.


The following abilities are available for the Device Event element when its source element triggers:


Trigger the element(s) that follow the Device Event element.

Send Event (Application tab only)

Send data to Atmosphere.