Device Setting Element

The Device Setting element is used to configure settings for a Device. Elements and the properties of those elements determine how the settings UI for the device will be presented to the user. The triggers can be used to execute additional logic whenever settings are read and/or changed.

How changes are deployed

When a project is built, the devices associated with that project will have their settings inputs automatically added, changed, or removed based on the changes in the project.


The following properties can be changed for the Device Setting element:


The name of the element. This is used for programmatic purposes and is not meant to be shown to the user. If the “Title” property is not provided, then the settings UI will fallback to the name of the element.

Default Value

The default value of the setting that will be provided to the device upon provisioning, as well as when a user decides to select the “Reset” button in the settings UI.


The user-friendly name of the element that will be presented to the user in the settings UI. Not used programmatically. When this property is not provided, then the name of the setting will be displayed instead.

List Order

The “weight” of the input in the final form presented to the user in the settings UI. Used to determine in what order the settings will be presented to the user. Defaults to a value of 0. If no list order is provided then the settings are sorted alphabetically by the “Name” property.


A supplemental description of the device setting that will be made available when the user hovers over an input in the settings UI.

Input Type

The type of input that will be presented in the settings UI. Available options are Text Input, Toggle Switch, Number Input, and Geolocation.

Text Input

Provides an input where the user can provide a string to be stored in the settings.

Toggle Switch

Provides a switch similar to the Element Browser Library entries, this will store a boolean in the device settings.

Number Input

Similar to the text input, but only accepts numbers and will store a number in the settings.


Draws a map where the user can select a point. Stores an object with “lat” and “lon” keys, where the values are numbers, in the settings.


The following triggers are available to execute events from within the Device Setting element:


Execute an event when the source element connected to the Device Setting triggers.

Setting Changed

Execute an event when the user changes the settings from the device settings UI.

Setting Retrieved

Execute an event when the source element retrieves the settings from the Device Setting element.


The following abilities are available for the Device Setting element when its source element triggers:


Trigger the element(s) that follow the Device Setting element.

Setting Changed

Execute when the settings of the device are changed.

Setting Retrieved

Execute when the settings of the device are retrieved.

Element Resources

Atmosphere includes a selection of resources for users of all levels that demonstrate using the Device Setting element.

API Documentation

For HTTP API references, go here and the accompanying docs for other operations on the left half of the page.