Platform Update v1.1.0

This release offers small bug fixes, and also optimizes performance for several areas within Rapid IoT projects.

Complete release notes for Platform Update v1.1.0 include:

  • Platform color palette style is finalized and introduced in Atmosphere
  • WS2812 element now available within NXP Rapid IoT projects
  • Code editor now updates user code properly after a copy and paste event
  • Device dashboard updates correctly after device name is changed
  • The Rapid IoT can now disable and enable BLE and Thread dynamically
  • Fixed bug for the Rapid IoT accelerometer data format for Volansys Thread app
  • Fixing project list selector losing focus and not being able to select a project at time from it
  • Removing unused five value display UI for embedded display on the Rapid IoT
  • Data glance widget no longer includes a black background color option as reading text on it is difficult