Platform Update v1.2.9

This release introduces support for our first Cypress development kit, the CYW920819EVB-02 Evaluation Kit. We’ve also extended variants on several of our TE Connectivity sensors within the Atmosphere Studio Element Library, and have made a series of UI improvements for device statuses.

Complete release notes for Platform Update v1.2.9 include:

  • Improved Atmosphere IoT Agent’s installers for Mac and Windows
  • Fixed sidebar scrolling issues in the Atmosphere Developer Hub
  • Fixed bug with EEL variants and handling deeply-nested arrays
  • Globalstar tokens can now individually be attached to an auto provisioning project
  • Added support for the Cypress CYW920819EVB-02 Evaluation Kit
  • Added support for the TE Connectivity TSYS02 temperature sensor
  • Added new pages for supported hardware within the Developer Hub
  • Fixed the over-scroll within Studio’s Application tab, and now the app builder area has a modified minimum and maximum width
  • Fixed bug when programming the SensorTile where it reported as succeeded when it actually failed
  • SensorTile now uses a randomly-generated MAC address for BLE communication instead of a generic FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF
  • Created new unit tests for the core Nimbus API
  • Corrected issue with SVG images causing errors within the UI
  • Studio’s landing page now hides the Recent Projects and My Projects sections if you don’t have any projects
  • Error messages displayed in the UI will no longer disappear automatically and now require the user to manually dismiss them
  • The data table widget now checks to confirm variables are all set within its settings before trying to render the table
  • Element Library’s update and select buttons now work as intended after sorting is applied to the table
  • Devices in a table view are now color coded by the status of the device or group, with a group displaying the highest priority status of its children
  • Tables within the UI now display a friendly message if there is no data to be shown
  • Developer Hub now contains information on updated SensorTile programming requirements to use Zadig for Windows users
  • User profile editor in the UI no longer autopopulates the job title entry with random form data
  • Platform login page no longer continuously checks for a connection to the server, and now only checks on the initial load
  • Studio’s compiling message now remains onscreen until compiling is complete
  • Wi-Fi settings in the Scan window now properly display its confirm and cancel buttons
  • The Rapid IoT now uses a timer for its intervals that allow for longer interval times to be set
  • Atmosphere IoT Agent’s code signing certificate for Windows has been updated
  • Maxim MAX32630 Feather kits no longer continuously blink their red LED
  • Developer Hub now includes information about all the pre-defined hardware pin mappings that can be used in a project