Platform Update v1.5.4

Complete release notes for Platform Update v1.5.4 include:

  • Added the ability to configure device settings for multiple devices at once.
  • Introduced the ability to configure the auto-clustering threshold of multiple points on the device map widget.
  • Added multiple finished device example projects to the Projects (Studio) section in the demo projects table, including examples for the NimbeLink AT2, AT6 (cellular) and the Laird Sentrius RS1xx (LoRa).
  • Fixed bug where the notification menu in the sidebar’s notifications were not synchronized with notifications displayed in the notifications table.
  • Adjusted the resolution of timestamps on the tables, such that they now display the month, day, year, hours and seconds instead of a relative description of how long ago the entry “occurred”.
  • Enabled managers and other authorized IoT Central roles to be able to view, and/or configure notification settings for other users besides themselves.