Platform Update v1.1.4

Device UIs received a large treatment in this release, with new styling in both the grid and table layout, and devices now have additional options and information displayed within their settings areas.

Complete release notes for Platform Update v1.1.4 include:

  • Device Settings: Device info now has new UI styling
  • Device Manager: Device grid has new styling that allows users to see their device’s set image better
  • Device Manager: Device table now has new UI styling
  • Mail Manager: Handles user server side language preference for email notifications
  • Widget Data Table: Fixed configuring column selection on mobile touch displays
  • App: Adding better timeout logic to BLE connections
  • NXP RIOTK: Disabled debug output for exported projects
  • Device Manager: Device list will remember column filtering
  • Appview Editor: Fixed layout selector to only list things on one page so that selection changes are remembered
  • NXP RIOTK: Fixed clock setting to use message that can fit in some Android devices’ smaller BLE MTU package sizes
  • Notification Icon: Updated the refresh time so notification appear more promptly
  • Widget Data Glance: Edge browsers don’t handle background transparency correctly fixed unset color to make text more readable
  • NXP RIOTK: Exporting projects now have their MCUXpresso project name set the same as the name in Atmosphere
  • Widget Element Editor: Trash can to remove element no longer slightly blocked by text area