Platform Update v1.4.1

Complete release notes for Platform Update v1.4.1 include:

  • Improved sorting capabilities in the user, device, and organization tables.
  • Added styling adjustments to the tables.
  • Fixed table wrapping issues in some of the column headers on smaller screen sizes.
  • Fixed issue where the search bar would not appear within the tables under specific circumstances.
  • Fixed Service Change BLE characteristic issue for the Rapid IoT Kit.
  • Fixed issue where hovering over table rows would not change the cursor icon to indicate that the rows are selectable.
  • Fixed issue where the 8x8 LED Click EEL for the PIC IoT would not default to the proper pin.
  • Fixed issue where tables would show “1-0 of 0 entries” when empty
  • Fixed issue where save button is at the bottom of the screen with no padding in some areas of the UI.