Platform Update v1.4.4

Complete release notes for Platform Update v1.4.4 include:

  • Added support for OKDO E1 board. (LPC55S6x?)
  • Added support for Nimbelink Skywire Modem EEL.
  • Introduced v2 API for managing and viewing device data.
  • Optimized and improved dashboard widgets.
  • Fixed issue where sending a Device Event with a null payload would result in a 400 response being sent back to the consumer of the API.
  • Fixed issue where reloading the app inside the App View and selecting the exit button would lead to an error message being generated.
  • Fixed issue where a Basic User in IoT central had the privileges to configure some of the dashboard widgets in the UI.
  • Fixed issue where saving a project does not update it’s “Last Updated” field inside the Project Manager within Studio.
  • Fixed issue where selecting “Custom Range” when configuring a dashboard widget would not display the already persisted setting if previously set to Custom Range.
  • Fixed issue where iOS does not require password confirmation to save a new password in the User Account area.
  • Fixed issue where clicking on the documentation link inside the API Device Provisioner would open the link inside the mobile apps.
  • Fixed issue where a user could potentially create a Project without a type in Studio.
  • Fixed issue where the browser continually polls for organization data every few seconds from the API.
  • Fixed issue where an IoT Central manager could attempt to set the profile info and user image of a user with a higher role than the manager.
  • Fixed issue where the browser continually polls for device storage usage every few seconds from the API.
  • Fixed issue in Studio where the programming modal is displayed to the user, even if no firmware has been built for the Project yet.