Platform Update v1.4.6

Complete release notes for Platform Update v1.4.6 include:

  • Introduced mobile app notifications for iOS and Android versions of the platform.
  • Added ability for administrators and managers to disable users in IoT Central.
  • Added ability to view device events and error logs in the device dashboard area.
  • Dashboard widgets are now limited to a minimum of 60 second update intervals.
  • Improved feedback when selecting an organization in the organizations table as an IoT Central user.
  • Improved UX when selecting a time range in the trail map dashboard widget.
  • IoT Central Administrators are now notified in the UI correctly if they attempt to add a user to the system that already exists.
  • Users can no longer make a password made from only whitespace characters
  • Fixed issue where the data table dashboard widget would not format the time correctly.
  • Fixed issue where basic users could view and attempt to modify other users’ notification settings as part of IoT Central.
  • Tweaked the styling of the tables to take up available space in its containing panel.
  • Data Trail Map widget now correctly shows the latest data point in green instead of the oldest data point.
  • Fixed issue where users could create multiple new Studio projects on accident.