Platform Update v1.2.4

There have been some significant additions with this version release, highlighted by an overhauled platform UI, and the addition of two new supported platforms in the Microchip AVR-IoT and the Arduino Mega.

Complete release notes for Platform Update v1.2.4 include:

  • Radically improved platform UI, featuring an updated navigation, better organization of sections, and cleaner interface for better usability
  • Added support for the Microchip AVR-IoT WG development kit
  • Added support for the Arduino Mega and support for the WINC1500 Wi-Fi shield to enable Wi-Fi connectivity for the Mega
  • Integrated support for the mobile app to register devices via Wi-Fi Direct
  • Greatly increased load speeds for dashboards
  • Overhauled the data graph widget for enhanced control and an improved graphing experience
  • Overhauled the data glance widget which now offers a greater icon selection, additional color options, and the ability to configure its update interval
  • Replaced the pie chart widget with a donut chart widget
  • Device geolocation now allows you to set location either by clicking an area on the section’s device map or through using your mobile device’s current location
  • ESP32 devices now use a new HTTP client and will not block the main thread when processing HTTP requests
  • Using NFC tags on the Rapid IoT now points to their correct app destinations

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