Platform Update v1.5.3

Complete release notes for Platform Update v1.5.3 include:

  • Added support for The Things Network V3 LoRa integration with the Atmosphere IoT HTTP API. The integration API now supports parameters either as a provided query string or as custom headers in HTTP requests.
  • Introduced the Developer Pro plan for Studio at $99/month. Contact for more details concerning plan sign up. All existing users have been upgraded to a 30 day trial to enjoy the additional benefits that come with a Developer Pro membership.
  • Introduced ability to replace a project with a file in the Studio project editor, overwriting the contents of a project via a “Replace” button.
  • Significant performance enhancements that greatly speed up load times for organization and device dashboards.
  • Added minor language changes to the device Geolocation tab as well as any geolocation inputs in the Settings tab for devices.