Platform Update v1.1.7

Device and dashboard UIs both received performance improvements to improve usability in this small release.

Complete release notes for Platform Update v1.1.7 include:

  • Dashboard Device Map: Added notification if you don’t have any geolocation information for your devices
  • Dashboard Device Map: Fixed linking in mobile app that gets user stuck in google maps
  • Dashboard Data Graph: Fixed mobile device’s ability to set and hide the different data sets
  • Device Settings: Hiding the force OTA button if no BLE is available to perform it
  • Studio Embedded Code Editor: Various fixes to the ability to edit code and added editable line highlighting
  • Studio Embedded Code Editor: Editable global header and footer area for users to write their own code
  • Device Settings, Device Info: Editable fields can now be activated by clicking the pencil next to them
  • Studio Element Library: Added ST HTS221 Element Library for Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • Device Manager Device Grid: Graphical improvements to style
  • Device Manager Device Table: Graphical improvements to style
  • Various bug fixes