Platform Update v1.2.2

This release included the addition of a new platform with the STMicroelectronics SensorTile development board, and we’ve also exposed each of its onboard sensors as elements that you can use from Studio’s Element Library.

Complete release notes for Platform Update v1.2.2 include:

  • Support for Intel Curie projects (Arduino 101, tinyTILE) is deprecating. These platforms will continue to be available in Atmosphere, but new features for the Intel Curie will no longer be added.
  • STMicroelectronics SensorTile support added as an available project
  • MikroElektronika Buzz Click board support added
  • STMicroelectronics LSM303AGR linear accelerometer and digital compass support added
  • STMicroelectronics LSM6DSL three-axis accelerometer and gyroscope support added
  • STMicroelectronics LSM6DSM three-axis accelerometer and gyroscope support added
  • New Embedded Wi-Fi connection element, which allows fine control over Wi-Fi connections and triggers for Wi-Fi network events
  • Fixed app NFC element issue so data no longer gets corrupted after the second trigger event whenever an NDEF record is read
  • Fixed bug with certain project names being read as a number
  • Added new ESP32 example project that demonstrates how to communicate with ESP32 and Atmosphere via another microcontroller over UART
  • Added new Digi-Key building monitor example project
  • Added 3D vector embedded data type, which gets converted into object with x, y, z components for easy transfer of 3D vectors
  • User profile images are now shown in the navigation bar if an image is uploaded
  • Data glance widget can now use the status of the device to set its color
  • Data glance widget no longer shows a save button that doesn’t perform any function
  • Data table widget no longer hides its row count when changed from the default row count
  • NXP Rapid IoT out-of-box demo displays the correct screen in the Thread configuration page after changing protocols from BLE to Thread and vice versa

Head over to the Atmosphere blog to read more about the latest platform additions with this release:

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