Platform Update v1.2.6

Small release that involved numerous bug fixes and performance improvements, notably in making enhancements to several of the dashboard widgets.

Complete release notes for Platform Update v1.2.6 include:

  • Data graph widget now uses the correct colors for graphing lines
  • Device map widget no longer displays an error about a missing function
  • Device map widget’s setting option from menu removed as it doesn’t have any settings
  • The mobile app now has swipe events to expand and collapse the nav bar
  • Mobile app has been optimized to improve the first load time for the website
  • Fixed bug in the mobile app where the first navigation attempt away from the Account area was ignored
  • Updated the icon within connectors in Atmosphere Studio
  • Updated checkbox styling throughout the UI
  • Tab labels now scale cleaner when resizing to smaller displays
  • General styling cleanup to promote consistency throughout the UI
  • Profile image in the navbar no longer stretches on iOS devices when the navbar expands or collapses
  • Navbar now correctly highlights your current location on first login
  • Studio app builder now stops dragging an element if you leave the display area
  • Studio handles null project names correctly in the event they exist
  • Connectors no longer show a properties area as they have no properties
  • Studio app builder now has horizontal scroll working
  • Studio element’s trash (delete element) icon now has a fixed position while in that element’s properties
  • Enterprise administrators can now modify their sub-user’s profile information