Platform Update v1.1.9

This release includes several significant additions, notably the introduction of Wi-Fi support for the ESP32, the integration of several sensors, and the addition of reading NFC tags.

Complete release notes for Platform Update v1.1.9 include:

  • Wi-Fi support for the ESP32 and embedded Device Event and Cloud Event elements, enabling embedded-to-cloud data to go from the ESP32 over Wi-Fi to Atmosphere
  • Provisioning ESP32 devices over Wi-Fi, and configuring Wi-Fi settings for devices that use Wi-Fi either during provisioning or from the device’s settings
  • File drag-and-drop support of imported projects, drop a valid .ATMO file into Studio’s Projects screen and the project will import and open
  • Increased documentation for AWS elements and examples for using them
  • Third party sensors now have an update feature within the Add Element window for use if the driver for that sensor has been updated
  • Rapid IoT projects include embedded NFC record elements for configuring and adding NFC records to projects
  • NFC is enabled within the mobile app for reading NFC records from any NFC tag, supported by the NFC element
  • NFC tap-to-connect feature enabled; tap an NFC-enabled device and automatically be taking to that device’s app inside the Atmosphere app
  • Comparison element, used to trigger elements based on a conditional value
  • Data type conversion element, used to convert the data type of a value from one type to another
  • Mathematical operation element, used to perform basic mathematical operations on data
  • Variable element, used to declare and store a global variable in your project and access it when needed
  • BLE connection element, used to control the settings for the BLE connection and create triggers based on specific events such as when the device is connected or whenever pairing is requested
  • Atmosphere IoT Agent now displays the version number, and informs you if there is a new version available
  • Atmosphere IoT Agent now includes links for helpful resource locations throughout the Atmosphere IoT website
  • Maxim Integrated DS1307 real time clock support added
  • STMicroelectronics LIS3DH accelerometer support added
  • STMicroelectronics LIS3MDL magnetometer support added
  • STMicroelectronics LPS22HB piezoresistive absolute pressure sensor support added
  • Texas Instruments INA219 current and power monitor support added
  • Corrected bug that didn’t allow users to program again after a failed programming attempt
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

Head over to the Atmosphere blog to read more about the latest platform additions with this release:

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Today’s update includes a lot of great stuff, notably the introduction of Wi-Fi su... Read More...