Platform Update v1.3.9

Management features for Atmosphere IoT Central enterprise customers as well as a new and intriguing support for Mozilla’s WebThings.
Our new Roles and Organizations self-serve features clearly defines new permissions across specific User types: Administrator, Manager, Technician and Basic User – and allows for easy assignment of users and devices within various Organizations and sub-Organizations.
For free Developer accounts, we’ve added support for the Mozilla WebThings API within the Atmosphere IoT Studio IDE, which works in conjunction with ESP32 embedded devices. We’ve built demo projects using each of these sensors, as well as a Mozilla WebThings Getting Started Guide, so be sure to check that out. Also in the 1.3.9 release is the addition of new enhancements to Notifications, the inclusion of new demo projects and code examples and a range of bug fixes and performance improvements.

Complete release notes for Platform Update v1.3.9 include:

  • Introduced new Roles and Organizations for Atmosphere IoT Central customers.
  • Introduced support for Mozilla WebThings for Atmosphere IoT Studio.
  • Added the “Web Things Demo” and “Web Things Basic Demo” Projects for the ESP32 in IoT Studio.
  • Added the “Ron Swanson Quote Demo” which illustrates usage of the “For Each” Element for the ESP32-DevKitC in IoT Studio
  • Added the “Celsius to Fahrenheit Conversion Demo” which illustrates advanced usage of the Expression Element for the PIC-IoT WG in IoT Studio.
  • Added a default dashboard for the ESP32 “Embedded to Cloud” Demo in IoT Studio.
  • Adjustments to Device Notifications to identify the specific Device that the Notification is for.
  • Adjustments to color and size of font when thanking a user for signing up post-registration.
  • Fixed critical input validation issue on the For Each Elements.
  • Fixed issue where splash screens take too quick to load on Android.
  • Fixed issue where the mobile app never loads without Wi-Fi.
  • Fixed inability to scroll in order to view the User Agreement on iOS.
  • Fixed inability to scroll in order to configure Data Glance Widget on iOS.
  • Fixed issue where the UI would incorrectly report a “Server Error” message to the user on registration.
  • Fixed issue where left-hand navigation icons were inaccessible in landscape mode on mobile devices.
  • Fixed issue where the Settings tab would render as a blank page when viewing a Device.
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Microsoft Edge.
  • Fixed issue where columns can run into each other if the data is too long within cells rendered by the Data Table Widget.
  • Fixed issue where pressing the delete key twice in a focused Connector throws an error in IoT Studio.
  • Fixed issue where pressing the delete key twice in a selected Element throws an error in IoT Studio.
  • Fixed issue where the Data Glance Widget would occasionally display time data in the future.
  • Fixed issue where in-app notifications would not display embedded HTML properly.